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Runtime: 3" 29"

Date 2013

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Film Synopsis

A quiet bus journey of saying goodbye.

Long Synopsis

“良心“(Leung Sam), is an animated short film created for “Both Side, Now” (http://www.bothsidesnow.sg), a multi-disciplinary immersive arts experience which was held at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Based on a video interview of Dr Wong Sweet Fan, the Zhuang Brothers reinterpreted the dialogue, and brings the audience on an animated bus journey between Father and Daughter.

Director's statement

Dr Wong's stories have taught us that departing does not always mean losing your loved ones, or an end of a person’s story. It takes on many different perspectives and forms, impacting the lives of many. It made us reflect on what our father really left us: is it just the “things” he had?


Creator : Harry Zhuang Weifu and Henry Zhuang Weiguo

Executive Producer :  Jasmine Ng Kin Kia

Commissioned by : Lien Foundation & Ang Chin Moh Foundation

Produced: Dramabox and Artswok  

11th Singapore ShortCuts
Digicon 6 Singapore - Silver Award