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Runtime: 4" 13"

Date 2010

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Film Synopsis

A flower, a man and an island. A man sets up his containment in an isolated island with his beloved flower.

Director's statement

“Contained”, an experimental animation created with no prior planning or storyboarding. The creators reacted to the medium spontaneously and sculpt the form of the story frame by frame. By expressing their emotion through the molding of the clay, the process of the animation took on a form of self therapy.


Creator : Harry Zhuang Weifu and Henry Zhuang Weiguo

Title design : Hera

Special Thanks: Eileen Reynolds, PerMagnus Lindborg, Tan Wei Keong


23rd Singapore International Film Festival – Official Selection in competition (Singapore)

7th Singapore Shortcuts – Showcase (Singapore)

17thKROK International Animated Film Festival – Student’s Film in competition (Moscow/ Ukraine)

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2010 – Student’s Film in competition (Amsterdam)

3rdAnnual Vancouver Singapore Film Festival – Showcase (Vancouver)

10th Biennial of Animation Bratislava - Official Selection in competition (Slovakia)

4th International Animation Festival, ANIMANIMA 2010 -  Panorama non-competition (Serbia, Čačak)

26th International Short Film Festival interfilm Berlin – International Competition (Berlin)

Montreal Stop-Motion Film Festival – Student’s Film in competition (Canada)

TBS Digicon6 (Asia Region) – Won “Encouragement Award” (Japan)

2nd Singapore Short Film Award (Singapore) – Won “Best Animation” and Special Mention for “Best Sound

“Zerkalo” (The Mirror) International Film Festival – Panorama non-competition (Ivanovo, Russia)

Melbourne International Animation Festival – Panorama non-competition (Melbourne)

Ew! Pink Soil – Showcase (Singapore)

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