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Runtime: 6" 50"

Date 2017

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巨人 (Giant)

Surreal | 6 mins | No Dialogue | PG13

Film Synopsis

A school of fishes is washed up on a barren island. While the other fishes choose to swim back to the sea, one redfish decides to venture deeper into the barren island. Inspired by Tan Swie Hian's poem '巨人'.

Director's statement

For us, this “巨人” is something bigger than the big movers and shakers. However, is a nation shaped by only the big movers and shakers? Can a small insignificant contribution eventually lead to a big change overtime?

Animation inspired from Tan Swie Hian's poem 巨人


Director : Harry Zhuang Weifu and Henry Zhuang Weiguo

Producer : David Lee & Eternality Tan

Sound Designer : Teo Weiyong

Audio Recording : Gray Note Productions

An offering of: Singapore Writers Festival

Presented by: National Art Council

Produced by: The Filmic Eye

Supported by: MCCY