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Runtime: 12mins 47s

Date 2019

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Carrie is a dreamer who loves to write music into her notebook. She also has a crush on a boy in school, James. Her best friend, Wei Ting encourages her to confess before graduation but Carrie is afraid of rejection and is very shy about it. On graduation day, Carrie discovers that Wei Ting has taken her notebook and shows it to James. Now Carrie is forced to face him. She decides if she should be brave about it, or cower shyly.


Directed by The Zhuang Brothers

Written and Produced by JD Chua

Executive Producer Kenny Tan

Voice Talent: Carrie Janice Yeo
Voice Talent: Wei Ting Esther Goh

by Taipan Films & Weaving Clouds

Voice Talent: James Alex Goh
Additional Voices Henry Zhuang, Harry Zhuang, Wei Yong Teo

Associate Producers Willy Yong, Jia Xin Lee

Animators Harry Zhuang, Henry Zhuang, Shirley Tan, Jana krisel, Rachel Hum, Shijie Chew, LYn Wong, Kimberlyn Kiew

Background art by Nabilah Sufian, Ernest Ng

Audio Design and Recording Wei Yong Teo
Gray Note Productions http://www.graynoteprods.com/

Subtitles Simin Lee

"Xiao Xing Fu"
Written by Loo Yise
Produced by Loolala Music
Performed by Loo Yise
instagram: @yise

Vee Campaign produced by Shi Qi Ng, Jessica Heng

Thank You
Gloria Wong, Tan Lii Chong, Anthony Kok and Caryn Cheng