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Runtime: 2 episodes x 6mins

Date 2020

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Little Tami's Book (pilot)


With Tami's magical book called Booky, Tami, Hebe and Elly embark on an adventure in discovering various occupations and winning occupation badges. Through various challenges, they forge a strong and beautiful friendship.


Commissioner : Mediacorp

Created by
Harry Zhuang, Henry Zhuang

Directed by
Harry Zhuang, Henry Zhuang

Executive Producers
Harry Zhuang, Henry Zhuang,

Written by
Harry Zhuang, Henry Zhuang
Script edited by Darren Lim

Characters voiced by
Tami – Andrea Joy
Elly – Stephanie Sim
Hebe – Melissa Poon
Jasmine – Suzana Salleh
Bear - Lian Sutton

Storyboards Harry Zhuang Henry Zhuang

Sound Design
Lester Chee

Harry Zhuang, Henry Zhuang,

Commissioning Editor:
John Marsh

Content Development:
Sapna Angural, Kevin Ho, John Marsh

Marketing & Promotions:
Amber Lim , Jeffrey Ali , Nadhirah Arifin Pei Wen Lai, Yazid Salamoon, Daryl Ho, Masirwan Bin Johari

Broadcast Operations:
Parker Lim, David Christie, Emmeline Suen, Genesis Lim, Shanice Teo