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Runtime: 5"04"

Date 2016

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Kiki's Journey


The storyline of Kiki’s Journey interweaves key milestones in Singapore’s journey to nationhood, including Independence after expulsion from the Federation of Malaya, race riots, the HSBC bombing and urbanisation. Though the Pioneer Generation are no doubt familiar with these landmark events, the younger generation may not be so aware. Hence our film serves as a potted history lesson.

With the kind permission of MCCY, the iconic footage of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew shedding tears on national television is incorporated in our film, thus reminding Singaporeans and international viewers of Singapore’s triumph over adversity and paying tribute to the massive personal and political contributions of our late founding father and Minister Mentor.

In addition, the spirit of unity that pervades Kiki’s Journey, demonstrated by the warm welcome by the kampong community and their concerted efforts to nurse her back to health and accept her into their lives, is a metaphor for the multi-cultural harmony of Singapore.

Furthermore, Kiki’s adaptability, as demonstrated in her transition from her homeland in China, to shipboard life, to kampong life and ultimately to the final chapter of her life in Singapore Zoo, is a fitting metaphor for the adaptability of Singaporeans and the Pioneer Generation in particular, who relocated from kampongs to Housing Development Board flats.


Executive Producers/ Writers : Taufiq Azilah & Suzanne Lauridsen

Producer : Benjamin 'Ziggy' Lee 
Co-Producer : Jane Lau

Little Girl : Hannah Mubarak 

Production : Big3 Media

Live Action

Live Action Director : Nicholas Lo
1st Assistant Director : Michelle Qiu
Cinematographer: Shyan Tan
Camera Assistant : Wan
Gaffer : Chia Meng Chee
Grip : Ah Yeo
Sound Recordist : Derrick Heng
Art Director : Adzlynn Fizra
Make-up Artist : Linda Lee
Editor : William Paul Orchard
Post Sound Mix and Composer : Benedict Lee


Animation Director : Joshua Tan @ CraveFx
Lead Compositor : Marilyn @ CraveFx
illustrator: Lai Huili @ CraveFx
Illustrator : Tammy @ CraveFx
Animator : Harry Zhuang @ Weaving Clouds
Animator : Henry Zhuang @ Weaving Clouds