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Runtime: 4 x 30s

Date 2018

A Minute of Mr. Kiasu


Mr Kiasu needs to grab Mr Kiasu Box set! A series of 4 animation created for Johnny Lau and Shogakukan Asia for their release of Mr Kiasu Box set.! 


MRT GRAB (Video 1)

alt CHICKEN GRAB (Video 2))

altSHOPPING GRAB (Video 3)

alt HOME GRAB (Video 4)


Client : Shogakukan Asia Pte. Ltd.

Producer: Weaving Clouds
Storyboards: Henry and Harry Zhuang
Art Director: Celia Yew

Animation Production: Weaving Clouds 
Animator: Celia Yew @ Weaving Clouds
Animator: Maryam binte Muhamad Hamim @ Weaving Clouds

Special Thanks: Johnny Lau

Sound Design: Teo Weiyong