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Runtime: 5 episodes x 10 minutes

Date 2021


| 5 episodes x 10 minutes |

The year is 2121. Police officer ASP LEE’s proposal to travel back in time to solve a gruesome murder of three children gets approved. But because of ASP LEE’s poor leadership over his team, Lee faces multiple setbacks in executing his plans. The case is closed eventually but the team decides to risk committing an offence to get to the bottom of the mystery murder. A Viddsee Original Production



Created ByZhuang Brothers

Executive Producer Kenny Tan
Production Company Weaving Clouds
Written, Directed & Storyboarded by Zhuang Brothers

Voice Artist:
Lee – Nicholas Bloodworth
Ang – Esther Goh
Raj – Zhuang Brothers
Maj Dawson – Huang Junxiang
Additional Voice Grace Ho, Zhuang Brothers, Huang Junxiang

Production Manager: Zhuang Brothers, Shirley Tan, Jana Krisel
Concept Artist (Futuristic Setting): Calvin Chua
Character Design: Jana Krisel, Zhuang Brothers
2D Animators: Jana Krisel (Lead), Shirley Tan (Lead)
Tay Yi Han, Wong Qing, Ong Quan De
3D Animators: Henry Zhuang Harry Zhuang
3D Production: Design Kathy Tan (Lead), Henry Zhuang (Lead), Harry Zhuang (Lead), Edwin Seow Wong Qing, Ong Quan De
Lighting Artist: Kathy Tan, Henry Zhuang, Harry Zhuang
Sound Design: Zhuang Brothers
Special Thanks: Tan Lii Chong, Grace Ho, April Lin, Amy Tan