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Runtime: 1hr 15mins

Date 8 - 10 July 2017

Bukit Ho Swee


A musical journey that explore a slice of Singapore history – the story of Bukit Ho Swee. Go around the neighbourhood to make new friends and have plenty of fun, but watch out, for there’s a fiery crisis looming!
Through Chinese chamber music, listen to the varied music styles from four Chinese dialect groups – Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka and Teochew.
Join the musicians of Ding Yi Music Company as they bring you a live music performance accompanied by theatre, singing, and engaging multimedia. Students will be treated to an immersive experience while learning not only about Chinese chamber music, but also about history, bravery, and the importance of community spirit.

Students will learn more about traditional Chinese music as well as how the different Chinese instruments sound individually and when played together in an ensemble. They will also get to interact with the performers.


Director: Danny Yeo

Composer & Lyrist : Phang Kok Jun 

Scriptwriters : Danny Yeo and Phang Kok Jun & Danny Yeo

Chin Yen Choong - Huqin/ Concertmaster
Chua Yew Kok - Pipa
Eugene Toh - Percussion
Yvonne Tay - Qin
Marvin Seah - Big Drums

Performers: Vanessa Phang (Ah Swee), Mattheus Ting (Ah Ho)

Animation: Zhuang Brothers

Background Art: Celia Yew

Lighting Designer: Liu Yong Huay

Production Manager: Tennie Su

Stage Manager: Vivi Agustina

Ding Yi Coordinator: Gao Shihui