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Runtime: 1hr 15mins

Date 8 - 10 July 2015

A Legend Begins


A Legend Begin is a performance that features live traditional Chinese music alongside animation and storytelling to narrate the Legend of Sang Nila Utama. This music performance features the instruments of a Chinese music ensemble – woodwind, percussion, bowed strings and plucked strings.

Inspired by the story of Sang Nila Utama, the legendary founder of Singapura, the animation will trace his journey from his early days as prince of Palembang to his voyage in search of a new land to the beautiful, sandy shores of Temasek.

Students will learn more about traditional Chinese music as well as how the different Chinese instruments sound individually and when played together in an ensemble. They will also get to interact with the performers and some may even get a chance to be part of the music making process..


Composer & Lyrist : Phang Kok Jun 

Scriptwriters : Phang Kok Jun & Danny Yeo

Dramaturg: Danny Yeo

Chin Yen Choong - Huqin/ Concertmaster
Chua Yew Kok - Pipa
Eugene Toh - Percussion
Kenny Chan - Ruan
Tan Qing Lun - Dizi
Li Churen - Piano

Performers: Audrey Luo & Juni Goh

Animation: Zhuang Brothers and Enge Xue

Art Direction: Ang Wei Tyng and Zhuang Brothers